Technistar 3D Technistar 3D TV Installation
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Technistar 3D TV Installation in Harry's Bar in Dublin

“We have noticed a pickup of about 30% for events which are broadcast on 3D” – Publican, Dublin

“the darts was just like being there, I thought it was going to hit me in the leg” – Patron, Dublin Pub

“I didn’t expect it to create so much interest in the public” – Publican, North Dublin

Technistar 3D

The Technistar® 3D TV Projection System is a revolutionary new, cost effective way of showing events on a big screen to audiences using low cost passive 3D glasses.


There are many applications for this type of 3D TV system such as a Sports Bar/ Public House, Concert, Theatre, Special Event, Small Cinema. Read more

Why Passive 3D?

Passive 3D technology is the most cost effective way of bringing 3D TV to the public arena. Read More